From left to right: An average American, some poor lost soul.

Welcome to the page about your glorious overlords. Here, you will find a whole lot of questionable material pertaining to those that keep your favourite server alive.

From left to right: Some idiot, and another idiot.


Nicknamed "Unicorn" for reasons unbeknownst, he does very little to keep the server running. The general consensus is that he's Sheek's bitch and will follow them anywhere.


The gender-ambiguous "spiritual leader" of the server, they've pretty much had to babysit everyone in the admin team to keep them on track. If you see them, smile and wave. They're genuinely nice, we assure you.

(Watch out. Sheek may, in fact, be a robot.)


Aka "That guy with terrible grammar", "DESUDESUDESU". The main contributor for Resistance matters, his (heavily edited) knowledge has been immensely useful. He's also probably the guy dealing with most minges and inane matters on the server, so give him some damned kudos.

Concorde  Edit

When you hear "m8m8m8" in the distance, run.