The Lambda logo, adopted sign of the Resistance.

Bluntly, the Resistance is a group of Anti-citizens who have banded together against the Combine . These groups revolve around a few key members, such as the managers, who either assisted in establishing a particular cell of the Resistance or were elected to the position based on their knowledge. Another noteworthy asset to any resistance are the Black Market Dealers, who provide the Resistance with anything from beer to bazookas. This server will have an ongoing, active resistance from day one.


The Resistance is very low key, due to the inevitable OTA zerg at the mere mention of anything against the Combine. Because of this, all of their attacks need to be planned out in advance. They need to be planned so that there are zero mistakes, with hit-and-runs as the go-to strategy. Large scale attacks tend to be rare and take a considerable amount of time to plan out, causing them to be rather rare. Another duty of the Resistance is to hand out minor supplies to citizens who are either wanted or otherwise unable to attain rations.


Joining The Resistance

If we received 10c for every kid that wanted to join the Resistance to have a gun, we could literally run the server on the tears of homeless orphans caused by all of the money we'd use as toilet paper.

First of all, do not ask about the Resistance in OOC (Out of Character) chat. It is limited for a reason, use it only when absolutely necessary. Instead, look around the area known as the slums, which are generally marked out by door names or white text. Alternatively, use your head and look for areas that the MPF, loyalists and CWU tend to avoid. 

"But what if I can't find them silently?", asks little Jimmy

Well then, ask around carefully IC [In Character]. Be very careful, if any MPF catch you talking about resistance they'll amputate you without hesitation. Even if you ask around, though, you're not likely to find anything. You may need to attempt to bribe someone for information (that may or may not be true).

Overall the best way to get the resistance's attention is to RP as best you can, and don't act like a " Wanna-B-lol-webul ". Resistance groups only want people with plenty of passive RP experience, and who have the basics down pat.


 - Don't be a person who screams around trying to find the resistance base

 - Generally the resistance comes to you, not the other way around

 - They'll only accept good RPers

- Have the right character for the job

In The Resistance

Congratulations whelp, you're out of the frying pan and into the fire. First get aquatinted with your fellow members, but try not to pry into their personal lives to much. Outside the base they're normal everyday citizens, just like you. Unless their identity has been compromised and they're confined to the safe walls of the base of course. But generally everything you need to know about the group will be told to you by the leader or someone else within the group, If you're not told something, it's for your own safety. Remember you're the new kid, while the resistance may not have ranks you won't be told every single detail and have access to all meetings and weapons, I mean the base is low key for a reason if the new kid got caught handing out supplies to a hungry citizen and was interrogated the whole resistance would be compromised, so that's why not everyone in the resistance knows everything. But when you partake in handouts and planned attacks naturally the group will trust you more and you will be invited to more meetings etc.

Outside of the base:

Your identity as a resistance member is to be kept under heavy wraps, for everyone's safety you should keep your mouth shut about all resistance information. And most of all act normal, just because you've become part of the resistance does not mean the meta-cops will come after you. And when a meeting is called via paper note or messenger go there as calmly as possible. Remember your identity as a resistance member could potentially have you executed by a Judge so keep your information to yourself. Ever had 6 stars in GTA?
Of course you have, well having your identity exposed during Judgement Wavier, is just like that. The only thing you can do is hold up somewhere for a long time and hope they didn't follow you. Resistance RP & Events:

In the resistance you'll mainly be planning due to the fact that the MPF generally will always has an advantage against you, so using planning and the element of surprise is key. But you'll be getting to know your team for the majority of the time depending on how friendly your mates. But there are still various tasks to be completed as a resistance member depending on how new you are to the resistance. Tasks are generally based off how long you've been in the resistance for.


[New kid on the block]Pretty much you do the jobs that involve a great deal of running so have fun with that. And hope you won't be the new kid forever. - Spraying the lambda logos around the city.
[Spreading hipster lambda logos the mainstream MPF will hate.]
- Eyes and Ears of the street.
[Stay frosty, and keep an eye on MPF movement.] - Writing out letters.
[Boy I hope you can touch type.] - Delivery boy.
[Ever played Mirrors edge? Imagine it with flat surfaces and less fighting.]

Experienced Member:

[Been in for a while? This is you.]If you're no longer the new kid, you're probably this as long as you have a fair amount of experience under your belt and you don't crumble under pressure like a biscuit. - Assisting in planning.
[Grab a pen] - Arranging shipments with the BMD.
[BMD's are like deer, try not to spoke them.] - Guarding the handout convoy
["Take one, I SAID ONE DAMMIT SHEEK!"] - Participating in planned events.
[I hope you packed an extra pair of panties.] - Monitor Whelps
[Death to all betrayers] Leader[s]

'[No more than two generally.]'[Probs admins.] - Making sure the BMD likes you.
["Get in the van, I haz candy?"]
- Scouting members.
["Don't call us, we'll call you."] - Interviewing new members.
["I heard you liek mudkips?"] - Arranging meetings and events.
[Planning rp is fun, so enjoy it.] - Maintaining the group.
[Morale and stuff.]