Welcome new member of the community!Edit

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As a quick note this guide will assume you have already a basic knowledge of the Half Life 2 Role play basics.

Additional FAQ will be added here later, for ease of finding information.

Welcome whelpEdit

As you step forth onto our server a few questions are probably running through your head as we speak, these questions may include:

1) How do I get Physgun, props & toolgun? [pet]
2) How do I get white lists for City Administrator, Overwatch, Metropolice?
3) To /roll or not to /roll?
4) Shoot to miss?
5) Is this server serious or semi-serious?
6) And can I donate for rewards?


Alright for question one, bluntly it can be earned just by showing you can be trusted with it. Also if an admin knows your good rp'er, from past experience or you're a regular on the server he will grant them to you. Also constant requests from the same user will be ignored, just demonstrate you can rp properly and you will be granted them.


I'll say it here and now, Metrocop applications are done in character. Later in the servers life the City Administrator applications will open up as well [possibly]
However, Overwatch applications will be closed at all times. Calm down, I mean let's face it OTA is a overpowered piece of shit and is therefore played by the staff for the sheer purpose of completely bending the rebels over and besides you're not really missing any RP as an OTA unit.


To make this clear, because this d has been up for debate since the dawn of time... 

We are not using the /roll system...

This is because we don't like to let the numbers do the talking, and rp'ing basic combat is fun without all the /rolling bullshit. This is of course all reliant on both people not set on the P2W [Play to win] mode and that they have half a brain, so remember staff will watching.


Ever been in a gunfight between Resistance and MPF? And because of some CSS, MLG, P2W dick you've had your head blown off within 5 seconds of the gunfight starting causing you to completely miss out on under fire RP ....   Yeah it sucks..... That's why we use the Shoot to miss system or S2M for short!

Pretty much once a side engages on the other, they will purposely miss with their shots for certain amount of time [it depends on the battle and where it takes place] while everyone gets to cover. We'll call this phase the miss phase.

Next is where it gets iffy, if an enemy is out of position [eg out in the open] fire a warning shot near them, if they're too thick-headed to run to cover nail him in the leg, but try not to get him in the head if possible. Bluntly if you're not in cover, you're going to get hit.... We'll call this phase the cover phase, because I'm unoriginal...

After some serious S2M'ing and battle rp, it's time for one side to reign victorious!
Pretty much body shot to your heart's content, this shows gone on long enough and if someone is stupid enough to switch cover nail them in the chest. I'll be super unoriginal and call this phase the final phase.


'Gunfire Starts:'                                                                                                                                         Miss Phase:                                                                                                                                                   - Everyone runs to cover.
- Miss on all shots pretty much.
- No casualties.

Get to cover:                                                                                                                                         Cover Phase:                                                                                                                                                 - Stay behind cover if you don't want to be shot in the foot.                                                                                 - Miss on majority of shots unless enemy is clearly out of position.                                                                     - Minor casualties.

Later:                                                                                                                                                         Final Phase:                                                                                                                                        
- Stay behind cover if you want to live.                                                                                                         - Extremely dangerous to run from cover to cover.                                                                                      - Major casualties.                                                                                                                                             

Being a smartass and going CSS MLG in a fire fight straight up will be noticed by staff.


We are a serious Half Life 2 Roleplay server.
This means we are strict when it comes to rules and lore of the Half Life 2 universe.
If you have any questions feel free to ask the staff, we don't bite.... hard .... It's better to ask us if you're not sure on something, instead of doing it without checking and getting yelled at by a user or staff member.


Well you can't donate for rewards, however if you donate you'll be helping Sheek & Tiki keep the server going so that's a pretty good reward on its own!


If you're unsure of anything feel free to ask the staff ingame or on steam anything server related. I mean that's what we're there for.