Being a Cunt, By Adolf 'Storm DvL' HitlerEdit

Being an MPF is fairly straight forward and simple.

Wake up. Put on your suit. Get your cool weapons and exclusive baton. Oppress prebs and beat innocent people perpetrators. Occasionally do your job. Get yelled at for doing the latter. Get demoted and go rogue.

While all this may sound scary and intimidating, it's really not. To be a good MPF, you only need to follow these simple tips.

Totalitarianism and youEdit

You gotta do what You gotta do by the deadguy.png

A fairly good representation of 05 and 04 RP.

As an MPF, expect to be treated like if Nazi Germany had replaced the police with the Gestapo, gave them biohazard suits and severe depression.


In the eyes of the server, citizens, admins, MPF, CWU, basically everyone; you are nothing. You're just a bump in the road for trainers, and a road block for MPF trying to leave the Nexus.


At 05, you are in essence, a slightly privileged citizen in a suit. You get your zappy stick and boom boom gun, and you beat up other citizens. At this point anyone above 03 scares you, unless they haven't been physically and mentally traumatised by horrible fucking MPF RPers rebels. You don't particularly want to beat the citizens, sometimes you might even let them go, but you know you have to do what ya gotta do.


So, you decided not to kill yourself quit. Well that's awful great! As an 04, you've seen some shit; you've seen the highs and lows of patrol, most of the nexus, and if you're lucky, how high command works. At this point, your pro-combine attitude is pretty high, and you care less of the cries and pleads of citizens. You're not a sociopath, you're not cold, you just stopped caring. You might hesitate to beat some citizens still, but not as often. You can participate in sweeps and join a division.


Congratulations, you've reached the 6th circle of hell a respected status among your peers. Some 03 units can handle heavier weapons, order around 04s and 05s, and copping a little less shit from your superiors. You've become more cold, and depending on how you're treated, by this point, you could be a badass, but only if you get abused more the Whitney Houston's husband or drug dealer. Right now, you are in the middle of the ground units, between the meat and the guys next in line for officer.


At this point, you're experienced; you rarely hesitate when punishing civillians, you're in a sub-division and often go on sweeps. You know what you're doing and you know the entire system back to front. As an 02, ground units will respect you, and if your deeds are significant (eg. Taking down a BMD, significant rebels, or uncovering a rogue unit) maybe even some high command units who, on the occassion, have to deal with your shit exploits.


The higher echelons of cunthood have been reached by the likes of you. As 01, you can start RPing on your rebel, because this is the highest rank you can hope to achieve. If the spots for OfC and NvA are taken, you stay right here at 01. As an 01, you can command all units lower than you and there is a high chance that the high command will respect you as a fellow unit, not a subordinate. You no longer hesitate beating citizens, on the rare occassion when you do beat them instead of getting an onion to do it for you.

You want to live forever!?Edit

Even though you are an MPF, you must still shoot to miss, you are limited in combat with rebels and the like. You should always aim (pun not intended) to make combat equal and fun for everyone including yourself.


As an MPF, letting you know the laws and violations now would be metagaming, so you can learn in your training course with high command.