Following are the Enlisted ranks of the MPF, in ascending order of authority.


The first rank of those that are enlisted. At entry, units will be presented with their patches, firearm and an explanation of their general duties. All 05s are members of the Union Division. They have authority over citizens and nothing more. They are expected to follow every order supplied by units in positions of higher command. Fear RP is expected only when dealing with units of 02+, and even then only when necessary.  You are not a stone-cold badass. You are a civilian in a suit. Act as such. Hesitate slightly for beatings, occasionally let citizens off for minor violations, etc. You may be Pro-Combine, but you aren’t a sadist.  Probably.


- Completion of all RCT Training and Test Courses

- Approval of the Union Divisional and Commander


The second rank of the enlisted. 04s have proven that they understand basic duties and expectations of the MPF and the UU to a thorough extent. 04 units now have authority over both citizens and Recruits. In addition, those that have been promoted to 04 are given the opportunity to apply for a division change to either Nomad or Court. Although they are technically able to change, they still require the approval of both their own DvL and the DvL of the Division they wish to join, who must also receive final approval from the CmD.  Fear RP is expected for 01+ units, but not quite to the degree of 05s and RCTs. You are still effectively a “civ in a suit”, act as such.


- Proof of loyalty to the MPF

- Thorough understanding of everything expected of 05 units

- Commander approval


The middle point of the enlisted ranks. 03s are considered trustworthy, and as such are able to enter many of the more specialised Sub Divisions, should they reach the other requirements of doing so. 03s only have the same authority as 04 units, although they are considered to be higher. Rejoice, for at this point you may lose a sliver of your humanity, if your character’s development is heading down that path. Fear RP is only expected towards OfC and up, wherever it applies. You still aren’t a sadistic beating machine, but you may have slightly less patience with citizens, and hesitate less in punishing them.


- Earned the trust of other units

- Evidence of leadership qualities

- Continued knowledge of terminology and ten-codes (test)

- Commander approval


The second highest enlisted rank. 02s have earned some amount of respect from lower units, and as such have the authority over everything from citizens through 04s. By this point all Tier 1 Sub Divisions are open for application. They are permitted to take part in primary mid-level weapons training, regardless of division. Fear RP is only expected on units of NvA+, when they’re actually being scary. If your unit is heading down the broken pathway to a shattered mind, you may no longer hesitate in punishment. You can’t be enjoying it, though.


- Earned the respect of some units

- Shown to be a competent leader when necessary

- Commander approval


The final rank before Officer status. Somewhat of spiritual leaders, they are who the field-leading role falls to when there are no Officers on duty. Not all units will reach this rank. They have the ability to task all units through 03s usually, and all the way to 02 when there are no Officers on duty. They are able to apply for secondary mid-level weapons training, regardless of division. They are expected to set an example for all other enlisted units, with impeccable execution of all tasks they are supplied. You will not Fear RP to anyone save the CmD, on occasion, and the SeC, who scares everyone shitless anyway. You’re pretty much able to punish without falter at this point, but you won’t be laughing maniacally all the way.


- Primary mid-level weapons training

- Ability as a strong leader

- Flawless execution of all procedures

- Commander approval