BMD does not infact stand for "Black Man Dancing", but instead stands for Black Market Dealer.

An average African American man, highly offended by the citation of "dancing".

"What role does this mystical character play on this server?", asks little Jimmy

"Well Jimmy, the BMD is the main supplier of the Resistance and Anti-Citizen groups in HL2RP. He also comes in two forms, as discussed below. So stop being a little shit with your interrupting with dumb questions and let me explain", Concorde kindly replies

The two types of BMD are as follows..

Minor BMD = v = Minor Contraband Flag
Major BMD = V = Major Contraband Flag

Minor BMDEdit

The Minor BMD has access to the low and medium contraband items, which can be accessed from the Business Menu. Generally they are trusted and experienced RP'ers with a fair amount of hours on the server and are not loyalists. There will be a few on the server, but they are still difficult to find and receive contact with.


 - Food and Drinks
 - Radios & Ham Radios
 - Medical supplies
 - Spray cans
 - Paper
 - Zip ties

All prices depend on the man you buy from.
If you don't like the prices, don't do buisness with him.

Major BMDEdit

Finding this level of dealer is like trying to find Tiki's genitalia in amongst his fat rolls.
Once you find one, remember him and try to get on his good side because this dude is holding all the aces. He has all the medium to high level equipment in his buissness menu but are expensive as hell and come only in shipments.


 - Guns of all descriptions
 - Grenades
 - Breaches
 - Specialty items

All equipment from the Major BMD is expensive, so bring plenty of tokens if you want to buy. Remember, the BMD is only in the business to make profit. Expect anything.

Finding a BMDEdit

Generally Minor BMDs hang around the slums, keeping every action subtle. You'll have to actually search for them, which can be dangerous. You may get lucky now and then, though.

Major BMDs are a great deal harder to find, for obvious reasons. As a general rule, only the Resistance will actually be aware of his location and / or identity.

Keep it subtle when talking to a BMD

Rebel: I understand you're a man who knows how to get things. 

Black Market Dealer: I'm known to locate certain things, from time to time.